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We Make

Engraving and Chemical etching
UV Printing
Acrylic fabrication
Metal Laser Cutting
Acrylic laser cutting
Digital Printing
CNC Cutting
Customized promotional items

Available Materials

Stainless steel
Mild Steel
Anodized Aluminium
Galvanised Steel
Cable Marker
Valve tags
Control Panels and Switch plates
Identification labels
Compliance plates
Stencil cut plates
Full-color safety signs & warning signs
Directory and wayfinding signs

Metal Acrylic Laser Cutting

We provide high-quality laser cutting services to customers from a variety of sectors and industries. We offer a personalised service, tailored to each individual client. Our professional approach, combined with the quality of our workmanship, has helped us to establish a great reputation in Laser Cutting throughout the Middle East.

Acrylic Fabrication

Our experienced skilled team can fabricate almost everything with Acrylic.

Our engineering capabilities have enabled us to implement large scale fabrications with high precision and accuracy. We can custom fabricate acrylic products as per your specifications and ensure the quality. We use laser cutting, flame polishing and heat forming

Laser Marking

Laser Marking Services on all metal objects including pens, business card holders, keychains etc

Chemical Etching

Chemical etching is a method of engraving that uses a high pressure high-temprature chemical spray to remove material to create a permanent etched image in metal. A mask or resist is applied to the surface of the material and is selectively removed, exposing the metal, to create the desired image.

Full-bed UV Printing

UV printing is an unconventional form of printing that makes use of ultraviolet light. The ultraviolet light is used to cure the ink in the process of printing. As and when the ink is distributed on the substrate (material being printed on), especially designed UV lights cure or dry up the ink instantly. UV printing has several advantages and can print on a variety of different materials.

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